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I am writing my “Being Transgender” series of notes for my intelligent and open-minded Facebook friends–those who do not live their lives in terms of prejudice and stereotypes–who may be curious about gender and transgender issues and what it means to be transgender and are interested in the experiences of transgender people but are too polite and civilized to ask.

If this applies to you, read on. If it does not, do not read this note and by all means, keep your ignorant comments to yourself  because I will not allow ANYONE to insult my transgender friends on my page. GOT IT?  NO EXCEPTIONS… I don’t care how long we’ve been friends.  Polite, thoughtful questions and comments are welcome and I’m sure will also be appreciated by my transgender friends.

Daphne Shaed, College Student, Activist, Advocate

Daphne.  Daphne Shaed lives on beautiful Vancouver Island, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  Daphne is beautiful, fabulous, awesome, amazing, prodigious, fascinating and many more complimentary adjectives. If you fail to see these qualities in her, then “bugger off!” as Daphne would say.  I met Daphne on Facebook. 

Daphne is an intelligent, educated, strong woman who makes every effort possible to help anyone who is in need.  She is a college student, an activist, and an advocate for social justice, anti-violence, and social equality.  She says she still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, but in many ways Daphne is more of an adult than many “grown-ups” I know.

Daphne is a transsexual woman. Note: “Transsexual” is her word.  It is proper to use the words people use to describe themselves–would you want other people defining who YOU are?

Most important, Daphne is my friend.

Each morning Daphne gets up, brushes her teeth, gets dressed, eats breakfast and goes about her day–just like the rest of us.  At the end of the day she probably changes into pajamas (or sleeps naked–I don’t know, as I’ve never slept with her) and goes to bed, just like the rest of us.  Daphne happens to be a college student; like her, other transgender people are also just like the rest of us–they are doctors, lawyers, social workers, nurses and accountants… they drive buses, do construction work, fight fires and cut hair. They laugh when they’re happy, cry when in pain and they bleed red blood when they’re injured just like the rest of us. 

The only meaningful difference between a transgender and a cisgender (someone who is not transgender) person is the transgender person’s birth defect–being born with genitals and a reproductive system that does not match their gender.

Daphne has chosen to go (very) public about her transition in order to increase people’s understanding about transgender issues.  Following is the link to her blog ; be sure to start reading from the bottom to read her entries in chronological order.


Thank you, Facebook friends for being willing to spend the time to educate yourself about real issues that affect people who are important to me.  And thank you, Daphne for having the… uh… courage to share your very personal journey with the world. You rock, woman!



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