“Effeminate”: How Words Kill

Note:  I know that I have written in previous posts that the word “transgender” is usually preferable to “transsexual,” and that the word “transsexual” is usually considered offensive.   However, after speaking with Suzan (and others) and doing some research of my own, I am realizing things are not so simple (they rarely are…); I will address the “‘Transgender‘ vs. ‘Transsexual‘” debate in a future post.

In my readings and research about transgender/transsexual (TG/TS) issues and my interactions with transphobic people, I have  become very aware of the role of misogyny inherent in transphobia.  Considering the number of trans women friends I have, the high incidence of violence directed towards trans women is particularly disturbing to me:   I dread the possibility that I will one day be lighting a candle for someone I know at the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) and the idea of it being for a friend is devastating.

The following post on “Women Born Transsexual,” by Suzan addresses how use of the word “effeminate” adds to trans-misogyny and she makes a very good argument for eradicating the word from one’s vocabulary.

Click on link:
Respect for Others and Words Meant to Belittle or Degrade: “Effeminate”


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