RadFems: Predators, Not Prey

Yes, the following transphobic garbage was really posted in a blog called Pretendbians: Exactly Like Lesbians, Except Not.  The inflammatory language has been highlighted in red to illustrate the vitriolic hate espoused by the so-called radical feminists (RadFems) towards transgender/transsexual people, particularly towards trans womenFeminism, by definition, defends the equal  political, economic, and social rights for women.  Trans women are WOMEN, so in my opinion the RadFems are not “feminists” at all, but a bunch of hate-filled bigots appropriating a pseudo-feminist, misogynistic agenda to bully, oppress, disenfranchise, discriminate against and harm other women.  They claim to fear becoming the prey of TG/TS women if TG/TS women are permitted in woman-only space but I believe that the RadFems are themselves predators, preying on a primary weakness of TG/TS women—the fear that they are not or are not perceived as being “real” womenand that is unconscionable.  Perhaps this behavior on the part of RadFems is a manifestation of Anna Freud‘s identification with the aggressor (in this case, men); in any case, it is wrong and must stop.

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”
Madeleine Albright

So, If You React to Feminists Like You are “Mentally Ill,” Are We Supposed to Ignore that? Just Checking.

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Do you really expect civil discourse after attacking trans women so viciously?  How do you expect us to react [when] you call us mentally ill?

Gender Identity Disorder is very much a mental illness. It causes people to:

hate their own bodies up to and including a strong urge to cut off perfectly normal, perfectly healthy body parts, take dangerous hormones, etc.; 

— be virulently jealous of people who have the body-type they wish they had or think they “ought” to have;

— be completely, self-indulgently, vociferously irrational about the simple facts of reproductive biology, unlike 99.8% of the rest of adult human beings (e.g. demanding that others agree that their penis is “really female” and that their male body is “really a lesbian’s body”, etc.);

— based on my observations, GID also causes people to engage in  histrionic manipulation, to engage in obsessive behaviors (e.g. stalking people who reject them sexually, relentlessly following people on-line that they “hate”, spending thousands of hours over a period of decades endlessly obsessing over “gender” presentation) and to exhibit extremely poor impulse control, for example, lashing out with virulent death wishes or threatening/attempting suicide when socially thwarted, and entering into dangerous sex-work, drug abuse, drinking binges, homelessness, etc. rather than successfully adjusting their life-style to fit in with the basic parameters of the working world — a world that millions of (for example) lesbians, bisexuals and gay men manage to negotiate successfully despite our differences from the expected social “norm”.

GID also appears to present with the co-morbidity of clinical depression in a high percentage of cases.

I do occasionally indulge in some snarkiness on the subject, but this is after a couple of years of being stalked in real life, being threatened and abused on-line for stating the facts about human biology, being told to drink bleach, slit my own throat, die in a fire, get raped to death, etc. by “trans” whacktivists and their hand-maidens. I think I’ve earned the right to a bit of snark.

However, saying “‘cis woman’ is hate-speech formulated to use against women by a ‘trans woman’ who coined it to denigrate us and appropriate the word ‘woman’ from us” and “men can not be female nor can they be lesbians and they should accept their reproductive sex and leave lesbians alone” is not vicious. These are the facts and I will always, always speak the truth.

So tell me, am I the only one seeing RED after reading that trash?


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  1. Dear Trans*

    FEMALE DEF: Female (♀) is the sex of an organism, or a part of an organism, which produces non-mobile ova (egg cells).

    If you want to be a woman fine. But feminism gets it’s name from female, as does the ♀ that mtf’s appropriate; closely related to the ‘life’ ankh symbol. That is; only a female can give life.

    These things are very important to females. Your complete disregard is what shows that you are women but not female and do not undertsand females at all. If you understood females you would understand our symbols and not appropriate them.

    If you understood you would enter female spaces with some respect. We can talk about women’s issues together, but females need to talk about female issues and you are welcome there too IF and ONLY IF you start respecting females’ unique issues, that is females’ unique issues and not womens’.

    When you start to do this you may magically find that feminists who are interested in female issues won’t mind you being around at all.

    Try it and see. Or shut up please for god(ess)’s sake. The whole scientific community is NOT going to change what is scientifically female and male just to suit you.

    Dear Anon:

    (What, no ovaries to leave your name?)

    I am female & cisgender & you are full of shit. Try READING some of the science and you will see that transwomen DO have “female” issues. Did you know that transwomen experience an accelerated female adolescence–with all the hormonal emotionality of a teenaged girl–when they start hormonal therapy? Did you know that transwomen can breastfeed? Did you know that many transwomen were SUPPOSED to be born female but something in their mother’s biology or their prenatal development got screwed up?

    Get your facts straight before spouting off on my blog or STFU and GTFO.

    Have a wonderful day.


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