Time to Go

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It’s sad for me to say, but it appears that this blog has outlived its usefulness.  Its original purpose was to educate cisgender people about transgender issues, and evolved into doing the same while documenting my own journey in becoming more trans-aware and recognizing and owning my cis privilege… all with the goal of bridging understanding between cisgender and transgender people.

Writing does not come easily to me. Sometimes I spend an entire day—or more—on a single post; hence the infrequency of posts as I try to cope with a rather chaotic personal life.  Yet there seems to be only one person who regularly reads my posts and after an initial interest by a few cisgender friends, and a lot of support by a number of transgender friends, this interest seems to have dwindled.

I believe that what I was—what I have been—doing has been important and valuable, yet there doesn’t seem to be any point in continuing to write if nobody is reading.  So, I am stopping.   Unless something changes, this will be my last post.  😥







Butterfly end boundary





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