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“Being Transgender started out as a Facebook  post to educate non-trans-aware cisgender people about transgender issues.  While I was writing that first post, one of my friends posted about her anxiety regarding her upcoming GRS; my first post grew from 1 or 2 simple facts to a list of basic transgender issues, a post to the link  of Calpernia Addams‘ “Bad Questions to Ask a Transsexual video,” an anonymous transcript of my friend’s post, and a decision on my part to make “Being Transgender” a series of articles about transgender issues and concerns.

Many in the LGBT community were receptive to the first article and the second article—focused on a surgical aspect of a friend’s transition—was even more successful, especially when I gave people the option of messaging me privately with questions and then posted responses.  There was some very helpful dialog between my trans and non-trans friends and I felt that people gained some understanding.

Then one day when bored I started fooling around with blogging, having never blogged and knowing nothing about it.  I decided impulsively to convert my Facebook “documents” to blog posts and resume “Being Transgender” here on this blog, instead.  It looks prettier and I can do a lot more, and non-Facebook people can see it.  Besides, it gave me the opportunity to learn something new.  🙂

From there I came up with the name “TransCister” (in honor of my trans women friends, who are like sisters to me), which makes it clear to anyone trans* that I am cisgender, don’t pretend to be an authority on trans* issues, but am trying to document my journey in understanding transgenderism/transsexualism and inter-sex issues  in order to normalize the experiences one has in becoming more trans-aware, as well as provide this information from a cisgender perspective in an attempt to bridge understanding between trans and cisgender people.

Comments & questions welcome; transphobia absolutely prohibited.

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