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Enact “Leelah’s Law” to Ban Transgender Conversion Therapy for Children and Teens

Leelah's Law Whitehouse Petition

Petitions on must obtain 100,000 signatures within 30 days in order for the White House to be required to respond. Clicking on the picture will open a new tab and enable you to add your name to the petition.

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Enact Leelah’s Law to Ban Transgender Conversion Therapy


Petitioning President Barack Obama and 3 others

This petition will be delivered to:

President Barack Obama
Senator Harry Reid
Representative Nancy Pelosi

Note:  As of this writing, this petition had more than 170,000 signers. 

Stand Up for LGBT Rights with Secretary Clinton at the United Nations

Normally I only post petitions on my “Petitions” page, accessible by clicking “Petitions” in the gray bar near the top of my blog, directly under the blog banner.  This petition, however, is of international importance and although it is not specific to trans* people (and the creator of the petition left out “gender” in their description of the petition and in the letter itself… grrrr…!), I am going to attribute this omission to tunnel vision, as I would like to believe that Secretary Clinton would have the intelligence and unbiased perspective to be inclusive in her approach to LGBT issues.

The following is reprinted from the “About this Petition” tab on the petition page for this petition on

Stand Up for LGBT Rights with Secretary Clinton at the United Nations

The fight for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights does not stop in the United States; dozens of countries have horrific human rights violations based on their treatment of LGBT individuals. The United Nations is the only organization with the capacity and leadership to make significant progress toward a more equal and just world regardless of sexual orientation

The United States has made clear that it supports the UN’s recent work on LGBT issues. In December 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a historic speech in front of the United Nations declaring it a “violation of human rights” to commit violence or discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation. Send a letter to Secretary Clinton thanking her for her strong leadership and tell her to continue fighting for LGBT individuals.

While the fight is far from over, the UN has made significant developments in its response to LGBT human rights violations in the past year. Many of these initiatives have been the direct result of strong leadership from Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon who has taken a strong, supportive stance on the issue. Some member countries that are more conservative have shown their distaste for the conversation by walking out of Human Rights Council meetings when the topic has been brought up.

We need Hillary Clinton to continue being a strong force and to continue engaging the UN on the topic. Show your support for LGBT rights around the world by signing this petition, thanking Secretary Hillary Clinton for her leadership and encourage her to continue talking about LGBT rights at the UN and on the world stage. 

Click on the following clink to sign the petition: .   A new tab or window will open and you will be taken directly to that petition on  When done, close the tab and you should be returned here.

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